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In the world, you may need intellect, but in spirituality, you need a pure heart.

The ignorant one forgets the Self even in religious activities. The earnest one remembers the Self even in worldly activities.

The world can give you neither joy nor sorrow. They arise from your belief and dependence.

The mark of spirituality is love for all and indifference to worldly events.

A seeker finds the cause of his disturbance in his inner world, so he blames none.

Reveling as the witnessing consciousness, the Guru remains unaffected by the play of changes in the body & world.

Live in this world like a tourist, not like a resident.

There is nothing like disturbance in the world. Disturbance is your non-acceptance of what is.

Contribute to the world's peace by staying unaffected and gladly accepting changes.

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