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The greatest education in the world is watching the Masters at work. The lesson is in the struggle, not in the victory.

A seeker first chooses his mindset of being pure, peaceful and happy; then he perceives the world.

The world is just a play of illusion. Get up and work towards your awakening.

Fulfilment is not in chasing the world outside, but is in resting within.

Know by the Guru's words, that true happiness, peace & security that you seek in the world, lies in realising the Self.

Guru is such a friend who will not support your ego, worldly desires or wrongdoings, yet you can't stop loving & revering Him.

Do not trouble your tear glands for petty worldly things. Save them for God alone.

While playing your roles in the world efficiently, maintain your inner peace.

Not your association with the world, but your value for it breeds attachment.

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