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Sadguru Enlightens App Subscriptions

In this age of gadgets and technology, the use of smartphones, tablets, computers etc. connects us to the external world. By the grace of Param Krupalu Dev and Pujya Gurudevshri, these same devices will now help us remain in tune with the Divine through the ‘Sadguru Enlightens App


This App will allow us to view and download Pujya Gurudevshri’s enlivening pravachans and elevating events anywhere in the world. It is ideal for those who are constantly on the move enabling them to receive spiritual nourishment no matter where they are.


The Sadguru Enlightens App will facilitate the viewing and downloading of:


- Satsang Shibirs (includes audio/video streaming and download of the Shibirs)

All these events will also be available in HD quality for a clearer experience.


Download the Sadguru Enlightens App and experience closeness with the Divine in all places and at all times.


To start using the app, kindly read the instructions given below:


Please make sure to check your OS version before purchasing the app. This app is currently available for iOS and Android devices like smart phones, tablets and iPads. Currently iOS version 9.0 onwards and Android version 4.0 onwards are supported. 


This card is valid only for a single device. If you have multiple devices on which you want to use the app, you will need to purchase multiple cards.


However, if you change your device or your device is lost, you don’t need to purchase a new scratch card. Your package can be easily transferred from your old device to your new device.


You can directly search for the app on the iTunes or Google Play stores using keywords such as "Sadguru Enlightens" or "Shrimad Rajchandra Mission".


If you have an Apple TV/Chromecast device and your phone/tablet supports AirPlay/Cast Screen functionality, then you can use the same to watch events of the App on TV.


Based on the type of subscription, it will include Audio or Audio-Video streaming and download of all events. 


Those who have an active subscription of previous package will continue to receive content as per their subscription, not additional content as per 2019 packages.


For any queries please email: [email protected].

Activation Instructions:
To start using the app, please click on the right menu, go to 'Add Account' and use the scratch code to activate the app.


Note: All media on this App (video and audio) is copyrighted and cannot be copied or transferred to any other device.

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Purchase Details
Satsang Shibirs Audio Package
₹ 600.00
Satsang Shibirs Audio - Video Package
₹ 1,500.00

Patrank 166 - Paravartana will be available to existing Sadguru Enlightens app and Webcast users with any of the following active packages that are activated between 25-Sep-2019 and 2-Sep-2020 (no additional purchase needed):

  • Mega Package
  • Pravachans On Vachanamrutji & Sadguru Udghosh
  • Webcast Mega Package