Quotes on Awareness


Actions may help you stay focused, but for self-realisation, you must practice self-awareness in every activity.

Learn from your mistakes and stay alert, do not repeat them. The path of spirituality is of awareness, not of sorry.

Check your awareness now and then. When it wanders into the past or future quickly bring it back into the present.

Celebrate this Paryushan by nurturing soul-awareness and surrendering the I-ness.

Celebrate Lord Krishna's birth by living in Self-awareness, unswerving devotion and selfless seva.

To glide into meditation, increase your soul awareness in every action.

Dharma is awareness - bring it in physical activities, then in mental.

Awareness is acceptance of what is. It is neither focusing nor labelling anything as good or bad.

Keeping your external life on autopilot, resolve to grow in awareness of your eternally pure nature.


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