Quotes on Guru Ajna


Guru comes in life as spring.The disciple through his connection with Guru-ajna makes this spring lifelong.

A mind tied with the thread of Guru-ajna cannot stray away very far.

Vaccine for the pandemic of delusion is the serum of Guru-ajna injected in your thoughts, words and deed.

You are a peaceful & powerful soul. Then why are you so miserable? Live in Guru-ajna & cherish your existence.

The proof of living in Guru-ajna is being introspective and meditative. 

Just as the country's constitution guides its progress, Guru-ajna saves you from delusion & leads to liberation.

Remain securely tied to Guru-ajna & like a kite, soar high above all situations that come your way.

The arrow of Guru-ajna destroys the demonic ego and desires in you.

Intelligent is he whose thinking goes in line with Guru-ajna.

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