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Patrank – 808

Mumbai, Aso Sud 8, Sunday, 1953 Om Salutation to the unfathomable and profound restraint of the Enlightened Ones. Salutation to…

Patrank – 486

Mumbai, Fagan Sud 11, Sunday 1950 Tirthankardev calls indolence (negligence) as karma, and calls absence of indolence as something other…

Patrank – 55

Vavania, Falgun Sud 9, Sunday, 1945 Salutation to the dispassionate Great Ones Karma is an inert substance. All those who,…

Patrank – 37

Mumbai Port, Aso Vad 2, Thursday, 1944 Salutation to Bhagwan Parshwanath Dear truth-aspiring brother Ujamsi, Rajnagar. I received your handwritten…

Patrank – 817

Mumbai, Kartak Vad 12, 1954 Received two of your letters earlier and one letter now. At present, there is a…

Patrank – 799

Mumbai, Shravan Vad 12, 1953 Om Until the attainment of abidance in the all-supreme stage, even the Self-realised Ones can…

Mahatma Gandhi

The thoughts, words and actions of great personalities serve as a rich source of desirable qualities and characteristics that define…

Mahatma Gandhi’s First Meeting with Param Krupaludev

6 July 1891, Mumbai An account of the first meeting with Param Krupalu Dev in Mahatma Gandhi’s own words taken…


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