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There is one world outside and another within

O Lord!

There is one world outside and another within. I am so engrossed in seeing the glittery outer world that I have become blind to the radiant light of awareness within.

O Lord! Leaving my real home, I have wandered a lot in the external world; how then can I find the way to go within? I performed many rituals outside but paid no heed to the inside; how then can I bear the fruit of self-realisation?

For that divine experience, O my Lord! I seek your refuge, I seek awakening, I seek deep yearning, I seek courage…

O Saviour of mine! With the help of your benevolent teachings, I aspire to turn within. I wish to be an heir to Your infinite Bliss.

Bless me O Compassionate One! May supreme devotion for You and practice of the path of the dispassionate Ones always remain alive in my heart till the end of my life.

Om Peace Peace Peace

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