Quotes on Guru


To increase your spiritual height, keep focusing on and praising the Guru's spiritual height.

A devotee's favourite place is his Sadguru's Lotus Feet.

Keep devotion and surrendership to the Guru, on the surface as a feeling, not just as a belief.

You are a peaceful & powerful soul. Then why are you so miserable? Live in Guru-ajna & cherish your existence.

Trusting the Guru means trusting His philosophy.

Guru has an awesome ability to simplify the scriptures & resolve your doubts with logic and examples.

The Guru's love makes the devotee happily fence his freedom.

Let the Guru's words be your inner strength; a booster, tonic giving you spiritual health & vitality.

The mind fools you, but love for the Guru can fool the mind, without the mind even knowing it.

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