Quotes on Bliss


Experience the blissful nothingness of your True Self. Here and now.

Satsang occurs when there is a transfer of knowledge from a blissful heart to a humble heart.

Is meditation just a ritual or an abode of peace and bliss for you?

Before planning anything ask yourself - What do you want in life? Do you want a flashy lifestyle or peace, bliss & purity?

Celebrate the wondrous existence of the Enlightened One, who enters our lives so that we awaken to our blissful Being.

Stay light and cheerful. Carry no burden of past resentments in your heart.

Satsang is Guru's invitation to the land of bliss, beyond the duality of mind.

Bliss is not only in reading or listening about the Self. Experience It!

Feel that you are an energy - conscious, blissful & peaceful, separate from the body.


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