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Divine Deity

Empty yourself like an open bowl and feel the Sadguru pour His Grace into you

Simply take a deep breath, gently sit in a comfortable posture. Gently close your eyes. Take a few slow deep breaths, feel the wave of calmness pouring over your entire body and your mind.

Now, focus on the image of your Guru in your mind. Your eyes are closed but your heart is open. It is like an open bowl, at His feet. Simply receive His Grace, His overflowing love.

Breathe in all the gifts you have received, breathe out all your worries, stress, regrets. Allow your heart to expand with the warmth of His love and glow with the radiance of His Grace. You are now in tune with the Divine Deity. You are simply peace, love, bliss. Feel it.

Stay in this sacred space meditating for a few moments, till you are rejuvenated.

Slowly come back to the present moment, become aware of your surroundings. Thank the Divine for all the Grace you have received.

Affirm that you will share these fruits from your bowl of Grace, with all you meet today. Gently open your eyes, look around slowly. Go on, start sharing your love, with a wonderful smile.


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