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Patrank – 319

Mumbai, Maah Sud 5, Wednesday, 1948

Since time immemorial the Soul has forgotten its True Nature, therefore the feeling of oneness with the non-self has become normal. When one keeps association with the teachings of the Enlightened over a prolonged period and also practises what has been preached, this oblivion of the Self and identification with the non-self is eliminated; that is, detachment from the non-self is attained. Since the times are adverse, developing oneness with the Self is a difficult task; however, there is no doubt that the oneness is achieved by imbibing the wisdom of the Enlightened over a long period of time.

Life is short, and entanglements endless; wealth is finite and desires infinite; under these circumstances, self-remembrance is not possible; but when entanglements are few and life is full of awareness, and desires are negligible or non-existent, and all has been achieved; it is possible to attain complete self-remembrance. Veiled by worldly entanglements, this invaluable life of awareness is flowing away. Powerful indeed, is the play of karma!


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