Quotes on Disciple


The Guru creates chaos in the disciple to awaken him from his spiritual slumber.

Faith in the Guru inspires the disciple to persevere even after a million failures.

The compassion of the Guru is like a mother, who although beyond it all, takes the journey of scriptural study again with the disciple.

Guru's blessings is a divine circle of protection around the disciple. He needs no proof of that.

Like a kite can fly high, when in the hands of an expert flier, a disciple soars to spiritual heights if tied with reverence to the expert Sadguru.

Salutations to the Guru, who is at the start, centre & end of the path of liberation. The disciple always feels Him before, beside & behind him.

For a disciple, his Guru is the soul of his soul.

Upon hearing the flute of the Guru's teachings, the disciple is drawn towards its divine melody.

A disciple's real estate is a place in the heart of his Guru.

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