Quotes on Disciple


The Guru accepts the weakest person as a disciple, and a worthy disciple does not remain weak after finding such a Guru.

Guru's purity of heart and clarity of thought delivers the essence of the scriptures that effortlessly transform the worthy disciple.

Like a cow is keen to feed her calf, the Guru's selfless love is more eager to nourish the disciple than the disciple's yearning to know the truth.

A disciple's prayer is - 'O Guru! bless me so I may understand the essence & true intent of Your nectar-like teachings.'

A worthy disciple, like gold, can be easily moulded to his Guru's will.

A disciple remains fearless because he finds a strong security in his Guru.

The Guru-disciple relationship is the sweetest of all, where the Guru wants nothing and the disciple offers everything.

Communication with the Sadguru, be it inner or outer, is essential for a disciple.

A disciple feels secure in the refuge of his Guru; like a baby in the lap of his loving mother.

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