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The feast of Satsang and bhakti subsides the hunger and temptation for sensual pleasures.

Forgiveness is an opportunity to clean your heart and create room for the good to grow.

Satsang raises you from the level of understanding to executing and experiencing the truth.

Do not squander away your power of thought, use it for Self enquiry and Self discovery.

Persevere to give your best like Bhagwan Mahavir, who did not rest till He attained Omniscience.

The highest austerity is to not listen to the mind, but listen to the Guru.

We may be taught how to talk, walk and eat, but immense indebtedness to the Guru who teaches us how to think.

Change your age-old tendencies with Satsang and practice.

Paryushan is a festival to go deeper and nearer to your true blissful Self.

#SadguruWhispers Faith in the higher brings humility, the mother of all other virtues.