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What makes an unfavourable situation favourable? Your perspective, not your merits.

Stay connected to God to be happy and stay happy to be creative.

Just as a kite does not tell the wind in which direction to take it, a devotee surrenders to the ajna of the Guru.

Guru gives you instructions and precautions, so that you don't fall from the heights of purity you have scaled.

Action without vision is meaningless. Vision without action is only an imagination. Action plus vision leads to transformation.

A devotee grows from Accepting to Welcoming, whatever comes to him.

Life is like a series of seasons. Expect no permanence, enjoy the ever-changing weather.

Use the mind. Don't be used by it.

In the company of the Enlightened One, increase your purity.

#SadguruWhispers You may be the owner of your possessions, but check are you a slave of greed?