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If you can change your attitude, paradise is in your hands.

Bypass all those feelings and memories that block your heart from accepting and loving all.

For a devotee whatever happens is a gift from God.

Live in this world like a tourist, not like a resident.

Celebrating the birth of an Enlightened Being is to glorify the One who has transcended the drama of birth & death.

After lives of pining for a Sadguru, you are blessed with a living Master. Now, don’t miss this chance & do satsang with great enthusiasm.

Seeing, listening or even remembering the Guru gives joy, peace and most importantly, the desire for moksha.

Glory to the Sadguru, whose external life is managed by karma, whilst He revels in the bliss of the Self.

Learn the art of maintaining relationships in a way you hold a rose with thorns.

#SadguruWhispers Lectures can transfer knowledge, but the Guru can transform.