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For a devotee, the most miserable and weak moment is when he forgets his beloved God.

Inner transformation, not borrowed answers, will bring a solution to all your queries, .

Embark on the inward journey - gradually from introspection to contemplation to meditation, reach your peace centre.

A seeker is he who feels he is always free to choose his response to every situation.

Experiment to experience the teachings of the Guru.

Salutations to Param Krupalu Dev, who is like a perfume shop. Even without buying, you will walk out with some fragrance of His virtues.

Guru loves you so much that He blasts dynamites daily to break your rock-like ego.

The moment of Dharma is the moment of bliss. Not any future promises.

Guru and His ways are mysterious because He is at a different level than us.

#SadguruWhispers In love, 'I' becomes insignificant and 'you' becomes significant.