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Recognise that you are much bigger than the emotions and commotions of life.

Connection with the Guru transforms you, by bringing more virtues, more smiles and more 'Thank you's' into your life.

The world of duality and likes-dislikes collapses when knowingness comes into focus.

Silence is the strength of the seeker. But if you must, then speak the truth that is helpful and sweet.

Whatever you do, be it sweeping or cooking, give your best. Don't accept anything less than your best.

Rise above your mindset. You cannot solve problems by being in the state of mind that created them.

Seek to be a source of peace and happiness to others, while playing your role in the world.

Be proactive to be productive and not reactive.

How the world appears to you, speaks more about you, than the world.

#SadguruWhispers Check, who is seeing through your eyes?