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Check your taste for worldliness, not just for food.

Take small steps in the right direction, rather than leaps in a wrong direction.

When you listen to the Guru with faith and focus, the spiritual secrets begin to unfold.

Check your feelings, not thoughts, to know who you are, for you can mask, manipulate & edit your thoughts but not your feelings.

Contentment is the absence of desires, not fulfilling them.

Love for the Guru, is moulding your life as per His Ajna.

Complaining reflects your lack of purpose and zeal.

Have an unwavering faith in His plans for your welfare.

Why waste your time in bloating your ego, when even an iota of ego cannot enter your true Self!

#SadguruWhispers It is not only the words, but the spirit with which you absorb them that brings a transformation in you.