Quotes on Ego


The habit of advising shows more of ego than a need to help others.

Arguing with reality and longing for change only strengthens the tendency of satisfying the ego.

Ego is a sweet poison. Its sweetness makes it difficult to give-up, but it is deadly for one's spiritual welfare.

Like ice melts near fire, ego melts in association with the Sadguru.

A disciple fears transmigration and his ego games, not the Sadguru and His ajna.

Surrender to the Sadguru. He knows the Self, the scriptures and you well enough to bowl your ego out.

Learn to forsake pride in your ability, activity and achievements. For ego edges God out of life.

The devotee realises - 'I can live without my ego, but not without my Guru.'

Why waste your time in bloating your ego, when even an iota of ego cannot enter your true Self!

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