Quotes on Awareness


Seek to recognise the silent, pure awareness in the midst of the noisy, impure thoughts.

It is your present moment awareness, not your wise words, that denote your progress.

In the constant flow of change, the Enlightened One remains steadfast in awareness of the Self.

Bring all your negativities to the fire of awareness and see them burn to ashes.

Increase your awareness. It will help you make right choices that yield good results.

Be alert to your thoughts. Check - will they enhance or pollute your purity. Catching is the key to changing.

Watch your first thought, as the first wrong thought brings on a series of disturbing thoughts.

Salutations to that Radiant Life of self-awareness, that continues to brighten the path for seekers.

In the spiritual world, 'how' you do an activity is more important than 'what' you do.


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