Quotes on Guru


The Guru creates chaos in the disciple to awaken him from his spiritual slumber.

Pure love coming from the Guru's inner state of peace & bliss, overflows and benefits others.

The sight of the Guru makes one spiritually rich. Which other wealth can he ask for?

Through His unearthly aura, unparalleled speech & unfailing guidance, the Guru leads devotees to the divine experience.

When the sun-like Guru dawns in the inner skies, the mud-like thoughts begin to dry up & the lotus-like inner state blossoms.

The Guru's teachings touch and help you turn within.

Love for the Guru devours ignorance, attachment, ego and expectation.

Thank you Gurudev! for being patient, for not losing hope in me and constantly inspiring me to live for a higher purpose.

Things will not always go your way. Learn from your Guru to stay stable and above likes & dislikes.

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