Quotes on Satsang


Weave the 'Wow' felt in Satsang, into a vow.

Satsang is like a mirror, you should be able to see your defects and correct them.

Become incident-proof, not satsang-proof.

Like a beauty parlour is for external changes, Satsang is the 'Purity Parlour' for internal transformation.

Satsang gives inspiration to touch the source and not the state of your being.Come to touch that source.

Satsang sharpens the intellect, oils emotions, fuels enthusiasm, recharges conviction & replenishes values.

Satsang replaces the beast in you, by the best in you.

Satsang occurs when there is a transfer of knowledge from a blissful heart to a humble heart.

Staying in the spirit of Satsang, wakes you up from your age old metaphysical slumber.


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