Quotes on Satsang


Logic & examples may be nice, but pick up the deeper message from Satsang for your transformation.

Are you yet judgmental, or Satsang has transformed that into appreciation?

Reprogram your false beliefs and recharge your spirits in Satsang.

Satsang is not just a lecture. It is to be in the aura of the Divine Master, where you can go deeper in the work of self-discovery.

What has Satsang done to you? Just a change in your mood or transformation of belief?

When there is a conflict between the mind and intellect, follow the intellect sharpened by Satsang.

For a devotee, a sevak or a seeker, Satsang is the strongest hour of his day.

A heart softened by Satsang contributes to others' happiness and alleviates their suffering.

With the help of satsang set your priority and balance your activities accordingly.


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