Quotes on Spiritual


Daily prayers at a fixed time, managing all other activities around it, increases your spiritual strength.

To increase your spiritual height, keep focusing on and praising the Guru's spiritual height.

To become spiritual, you can't bypass rituals. Even the word 'spiritual' has ritual in it.

If you won't try for your spiritual welfare now, then when?

Let the Guru's words be your inner strength; a booster, tonic giving you spiritual health & vitality.

Ego is a sweet poison. Its sweetness makes it difficult to give-up, but it is deadly for one's spiritual welfare.

What is spirituality? Trying to become a child. The cost of becoming an adult is not worth it, if you have to pay it with your smiles.

To a spiritual seeker, being good is more important than proving himself right.

Your spiritual quotient is high if your virtues are so steady that even the enemies cannot challenge them.

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