Quotes on Devotion


Climb the ladder - from short-lasting sensual pleasures to long-lasting devotional joy to everlasting bliss of the Self.

Devotion brings spring into your inner world, along with the fragrance of virtues and freshness in your outlook.

Feel the Guru's grace not just in desire fulfilment but in tasting such joy in devotion that desires do not arise.

Love turned within is devotion. Such devotion is the easiest way to liberation.

Keep your mind clean and pure. Feed it with good thoughts and adorn it with devotion.

Create a positive space within you. From there will arise devotion for the Guru and self-contemplation.

Devotion unto the inner state of the Enlightened One devalues the world and worldliness.

Celebrate Lord Krishna's birth by living in Self-awareness, unswerving devotion and selfless seva.

Devotion knows no doubts or fears.

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