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With a Sadguru in life, remember there is always a way to fix any problem.

Glorious is a life lived in love for God alone.

The compassion of the Guru is like a mother, who although beyond it all, takes the journey of scriptural study again with the disciple.

Satsang is not just a lecture. It is to be in the aura of the Divine Master, where you can go deeper in the work of self-discovery.

Let your every doing help you to go into non-doing.

Stay soul focused, not role focused in any relation. Soul to soul connection brings love, respect & sweetness in a relationship.

To do good first feel good. To feel good first be good.

Learn the language of good wishes, vibes, blessings from the Guru and you will create a life of miracles.

If love is a flower, dharma is its fragrance.

#SadguruWhispers As a prince, Siddharth would've reigned over a small kingdom for few years. As Buddha, He guides seekers of the world for generations.