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Salutations to the Master, who abides in the Self and helps others awaken to the Self.

When God loves you a lot, He sends a Guru to free you from the shackles of your mind.

Write your opinion in pencil and the Guru's in pen. Erase yours if it doesn't match with the Guru's.

Strengthen your connection with the Guru so much that it takes you beyond the physical distance.

Surrendership is loving the Guru more than your moods and conditioning.

Don't let defeats defeat you.

Find some quiet time with God each day. Those powerful minutes will fill you with security & strength to face any situation.

Check: Where does your sense of ‘I’ rest - in the body or in the knower of the body?

Everyday will not be full of sunshine, learn to enjoy the cloudy weather also.

#SadguruWhispers Like a diamond in mud does not lose its value; you as the pure soul, though shrouded in karmas, have never lost your worth.