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The moment of Dharma is the moment of bliss. Not any future promises.

Guru and His ways are mysterious because He is at a different level than us.

Do seva, not to impress but to express gratitude for what you have received from the loving Lord.

Dharma changes the quality of life. So, it is not an option but an absolute necessity.

A worthy disciple, like gold, can be easily moulded to his Guru's will.

Before time can turn your present into the past, awaken in the now, to your pure and peaceful nature.

Start with glad acceptance and eventually become an observer of whatever happens in the world & at the body & mind level.

Worshipping knowledge is to internalise the wisdom received from the Guru.

A desireless state is most desirable to the seeker of liberation.

#SadguruWhispers Inner transformation, not borrowed answers, will bring a solution to all your queries, .