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Check: Where are you going in life?Are you reaching somewhere, or just running around?

The path of devotion begins with the feeling that God loves me the most.

Satsang nourishes your love for the Divine.

Love your Guru more and more everyday. Get so attached to Him, that you get detached from the world.

Fear is the biggest hindrance in love for the Guru.

A devotee's sole purpose, behind his every action, is to increase love for his beloved Guru.

Dharma is not a mere activity of the mind, speech & body. It is an experience of pure love.

Your success in meditation can be gauged by how meditative you can remain during the rest of the day.

Before planning anything ask yourself - What do you want in life? Do you want a flashy lifestyle or peace, bliss & purity?

#SadguruWhispers Regardless of how you feel today, remember you are a pure, peaceful & powerful soul.