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Thank You God, for - loving me, making me love You & making me experience Your pure love.

Increase your adversity quotient, by remembering the equanimity of Great Ones in difficult times.

The mind fools you, but love for the Guru can fool the mind, without the mind even knowing it.

Ego is a sweet poison. Its sweetness makes it difficult to give-up, but it is deadly for one's spiritual welfare.

Love is stronger when it's a verb rather than a noun.

Like cloth holds colour, absorb the Guru's teachings, in a way, that it can never fade away, even by the scorching difficulties.

Like ice melts near fire, ego melts in association with the Sadguru.

Life is like an entertaining drama to the one who remains a spectator.

When we pray, it's the love that calls God, not mechanical rituals or flowery words.

#SadguruWhispers If you won't try for your spiritual welfare now, then when?