Quotes on Devotion


Devotion is reverence with inspiration to become like Him.

A plea to God is an auto-suggestion to cultivate purity and devotion.

Keep devotion and surrendership to the Guru, on the surface as a feeling, not just as a belief.

The devotee gives up the taste for food as he finds a higher taste of devotion to savour.

Devotion is expressing gratitude. There is no room for 'please', 'but' or 'sorry'.

Charge the seeker in you with emotional devotion towards the Guru, like charging a phone with electricity.

Nourish your soul daily with a balanced diet of knowledge, devotion, service and meditation.

Keep devotion alive in your heart, irrespective of what you have to go through in life.

Divinity is obscured by your ego. Dissolve the ego in devotion.

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