Quotes on Virtue


Purpose, passion, perseverance, patience are the virtues that can transform your learning into a skill.

Connection with the Guru transforms you, by bringing more virtues, more smiles and more 'Thank you's' into your life.

The Ashram is not strong by its funds or buildings, but by the hearts of devotees venerating & living the virtues of Lord Mahavira.

Stay pure to see at least one virtue in everyone.

Life's beauty depends on the foundations of virtues and values.

Love, as a virtue, is like the fragrance you wear. Anyone who comes near you can feel it.

Your spiritual quotient is high if your virtues are so steady that even the enemies cannot challenge them.

Virtue is not just a good mood, a good thought or a good act. It is a noble way of thinking, feeling & responding.

A devotee's only business is to praise the virtues of his Guru and earn the profit of purity.

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