Quotes on Seva


Like Hanuman, a true devotee has only one desire - devout seva of his Guru.

For a devotee, a sevak or a seeker, Satsang is the strongest hour of his day.

Salutation to the Guru who redefines religion, love and seva so that you can spiritually blossom.

Make every day an occasion to cultivate and celebrate the virtues of love, kindness, generosity & passion for seva.

Are you content with staying active, busy and occupied in seva, or do you also focus on reducing your likes-dislikes?

Is seva for you, a mere task to complete? Or is it an attitude that permeates your every thought, word & deed?

Karma has given you this lifetime with a Sadguru. Utilise it in Satsang, Seva & Sadhana and don't waste it in sensual pleasures.

Seva is being the channel of God's love.

Check: Why do you do seva - to stay busy or to offer God?

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