Quotes on Purity


Dharma helps to reflect upon the universal values of love and harmony, thus cultivating peace and purity within.

A plea to God is an auto-suggestion to cultivate purity and devotion.

Like a beauty parlour is for external changes, Satsang is the 'Purity Parlour' for internal transformation.

Mere remembrance of the purity of the Enlightened One brings a refreshing wave of spring within.

Guru gives you instructions and precautions, so that you don't fall from the heights of purity you have scaled.

In the company of the Enlightened One, increase your purity.

A devotee's only business is to praise the virtues of his Guru and earn the profit of purity.

Be alert of your thoughts. Check - will they enhance or pollute your purity. Catching is the key to changing.

Every event is like a question paper. Answer it correctly, not through words, but through your purity & conduct.

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