Quotes on Pure


Contemplate the pure Self, the witnessing consciousness untouched by the nature of the body, mind & karma.

A seeker first chooses his mindset of being pure, peaceful and happy; then he perceives the world.

Faith in the existence of the unexperienced pure Self is the first step towards Self-realisation.

Keeping your external life on autopilot, resolve to grow in awareness of your eternally pure nature.

In the world, you may need intellect, but in spirituality, you need a pure heart.

Dharma is living in the awareness of the pure Self. All your activities must prepare you for this true wealth.

Pure love coming from the Guru's inner state of peace & bliss, overflows and benefits others.

Pray not just for seva & samagam, pray for a pure heart to enrich your experience of seva & samagam.

Live a life so pure, loving, giving & forgiving like Shri Ram, that those who wrong you, also cannot help but love you.

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