Quotes on Passion


Dispassion is not dry. It is wet with devotion for the divine.

A spiritual life is like a river that passes through fields of the world with compassion & finally merges into the ocean of divine eternity.

Cultivate compassionate listening. People need attention, not advice.

To have the Guru consecrated in your heart means being joyful, loving, and compassionate in all situations.

Peace, cheerfulness, love and compassion are the insignia of a spiritual person.

Satsang is the powerhouse. It gives passion for persevering the spiritual goal.

Guru remains steady on the path of liberation, and His compassion, steadies others on the path.

What you invest in sunshine helps you in rains. Spiritual practices pursued passionately with purpose in good times surfaces on its own in bad times.

Find your burning problem, and the urge to find a solution to it will become your passion and mission.


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