Quotes on Master


Enlightened Masters beckon the earnest seekers to come within, to realise & abide in the blissful Self.

Salutations to the Enlightened Master, for whom His body appears as far as Mount Meru.

After lives of pining for a Sadguru, you are blessed with a living Master. Now, don’t miss this chance & do satsang with great enthusiasm.

In the company of the Enlightened Masters, aspire for enlightenment alone.

To take the Master's refuge, is to have love and faith in His words and inner state.

Satsang is not just a lecture. It is to be in the aura of the Divine Master, where you can go deeper in the work of self-discovery.

A Master has an incredible art of conversing, connecting, touching and transforming.

Identify and contemplate on the hidden message behind the words of the Master.

One moment with an Enlightened Master is more impactful than years of reading books.

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