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Salutations to Lord Mahavir, who inspires to go beyond the short-lasting sensual & long-lasting emotional joy & attain everlasting spiritual bliss.

Do seva, not to impress but to express gratitude for what you have received from the loving Lord.

Celebrate Lord Krishna's birth by living in Self-awareness, unswerving devotion and selfless seva.

Connecting with the formless is difficult. Connect with the form in whom the 'formless' has manifested, the Lord of the Earth, the Guru.

Glory to the name of the Lord - that purifies the heart just like the sun although far, blossoms the flowers.

Like the rays of the moon, the teachings of the Lord are soothing & beneficial to the seekers.

Glorify the Omniscient Lord. He reminds us of our spiritual centre within.

Inspired by Lord Buddha, realise the transient nature of the world and turn inward to manifest the eternal.

When you work to please the Lord of your heart, you remain cheerful and creative.

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