Quotes on Event


Be humble to recognise the contribution of all things, people & events in making you. Be grateful to the Guru for bestowing this attitude.

Enjoy every event of life, like watching the scenes of a drama.

Glad acceptance of outer events and inner thoughts is the highway to Self abidance.

The mark of spirituality is love for all and indifference to worldly events.

After every event, let there be no remainder or reminder left in your mind.

No event can break you, if you have a Guru in life. The ordeals turn into opportunities to grow.

The realisation of transitoriness keeps you unaffected by any event & inspires you for the eternal.

If you want to stay light, invoke the power to let go. Holding on to events, makes you heavy.

God is a wondrous existence that never loses its innocence. Hence celebrating every event of His life brings only joy & elevation.

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