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Patrank – 887

Mohmayi, Shravan Vad Amas, 1955


Salutation to the incomprehensible yet simple path of the Great Ones.

One should keep company of the Enlightened One constantly. As a result of manifestation of great fortune or spiritual activities practised in the past, a true desire for liberation arises in the soul, which is extremely rare. That true desire for liberation is mostly attained by worshipping the Lotus Feet of the Great One or the soul with such desire for liberation attains abidance in the Self by the company of the Great One; he attains the eternal path of truth that has been practised by infinite Enlightened Ones. One who has attained true desire for liberation; to him also, the company and instruction of the Enlightened One begets the state devoid of indolence. The sequence of the prime path of liberation is known like this.

In the present times, the company of such a Great One is very rare. Because even in the best times, that contact is rare. Nevertheless, the one in whom, true desire for liberation has arisen, appropriate reflection of gaining spiritual welfare is going on day and night, for such a person it is easy to get that company.

At present, it is appropriate to contemplate upon ‘Atmaanushaasan’.



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#SadguruWhispers Association of a living Enlightened Master is very rare & precious. It cannot be acquired even at the cost of all the wealth in the world.