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Patrank – 76

Mohmayi, Aso Vadi 10, Saturday, 1945

Seek nothing else. Just find one Enlightened Being, surrender all your feelings at His Lotus Feet and obey Him. If you still do not attain liberation, then take it from me.

An Enlightened Being is one whose attention is focused within, day and night; what He says may not be in the scriptures, may not even have been heard before, but can be experienced; whose actions are not easy to understand because they do not spring from any intrinsic desires. Nothing more remains to be said. Without doing this, liberation is not possible. Consider these words, coming out of my own experience, as truthful.

If your entire life is spent in attaining the grace of that Enlightened Being, in honouring all His wishes, in believing them to be the truth, then you will certainly be liberated in a maximum of fifteen lives.

Raichand’s regards.

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