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Finding Your Inner Voice

Listen to your own self and discover what it has to say

If you want to discover your inner voice – now, at this moment of your life, you will have to go through the crowd of noises

Step 1

Watch yourself inside. Ask – whose voice is this? Is it your Sadguru’s voice? Is it your mother’s or your spouse’s voice? Sometimes it is this and at times that – but all these voices are others’. Where’s yours? That one voice which you will not be able to find simply is your own. Because it has always been overpowered by the voices of others and thus buried. You have been told: listen to your seniors and do as your teachers say. Have you ever been told to listen to your own self? Your own heart.

Step 2

Amidst the traffic of voices that have been forced upon you, the voice within is nearly impossible to find. To start with, you shall have to free yourself of all those multiple noises – calm the mind and reach a peaceful and tranquil state. Only then will it surface. It was always there, like an underlying current. In marvel … you will identify that you also have a voice – your own voice.

From the cot to the coffin – your life will be a saga of tragedy, unless you come in touch with your inborn inclination. Those who have lived according to their own instinct and insight are the only people in the world who have been able to progress spiritually – and no matter how worthy others’ ideas are, they are worthless because they are not your own.

That which takes birth in you, nurtures in you and blooms in you is the only valuable voice.


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