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Who is to Blame?

Use this introspection exercise to recognise the truth behind your feelings.

Step 1

Sit quietly and think of a person, object or situation that has had an impact on your life. That will be the focus of your introspection session.

Step 2

Become aware of the feelings that arise in you. They may be positive, negative or neutral. Acknowledge these feelings.

Step 3

Make a conscious effort to remember an instance in which you had different feelings with the same person, object or situation. You will notice that even though the person, object or situation is the same, your experiences and feelings differed.

Step 4

As the understanding of yourself deepens, you can see that your own experience with the same person, object or situation has been different at various times. This clearly demonstrates that the focus in question is not the cause of your feelings. The key lies in your attitude. With this realisation, resolve neither to label nor blame the person, object or situation for the way you feel.

Step 5

Take charge of your life. Choose your attitude and responses and consciously decide how you want to feel every moment of your life, irrespective of where you are or who you are with.

Experience the transformation and elevated state this exercise brings about in your life.

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