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Singapore - New Zealand - Australia - Fiji
Dharmayatra 2017

Media 1 DVD

Drenching seekers in the love of the divine, the embodiment of compassion, Pujya Gurudevshri embarked upon a dharmayatra to the lands of Singapore, Auckland (New Zealand), Adelaide, Sydney (Australia) and Suva (Fiji).


Through pious pratishthas, pulsating padhramanis, uplifting udghosh and insightful pravachans, the benevolent Master immersed seekers in deep devotion.


The epic drama ‘Yugpurush – Mahatma na Mahatma’ premiered on these foreign lands, left an indelible mark in the hearts of all.


The Master’s magical touch transformed their desire to seek transitory worldly happiness into a quest for eternal bliss.


Immerse in complete devotion through the elevating moments of this dharmayatra collected in this DVD.

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