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Atmarasi Banarasidasji Virachit Natak Samaysaar - Yearly Package

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A timeless masterpiece, Natak Samaysaar is the sacred text chosen to study for deep spiritual contemplation by Pujya Gurudevshri, starting in December 2023.

This compiled set for one year comprises all the Natak Samaysaar granth-related Pravachans (including paravartanas) of shibirs from the first shibir in December 2023 to December 2024. Please note, digital downloads will be available shortly after every satsang shibir.

Natak Samaysaar is a philosophical play that explores various aspects of life, morality and spirituality. The play is a dialogue between the nine fundamentals of Jainism, with the soul as lead character. A significant spiritual work authored by Shri Banarasidasji, it delves into themes related to human behaviour, ethics and the path to spiritual enlightenment.


Self Study Kit


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