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Sadguru Echoes - Magazine Subscription

One can choose to purchase subscription to the physical copy of the magazine, or an e-subscription.
E-subscription Details:
• The e-subscription will allow you to read the magazine on the Sadguru Enlightens App on a single device. It’s recommended to activate the subscription on a tablet for a good reading experience.
• You will also receive an email with a link to read the magazine on a laptop browser within 48 hours of a new issue being available.
• New issues are made available on the 15th of every month. So, if you activate your subscription on the 17th of July, you will be able to access 12 issues starting from August.

Click here to purchase the current issue.

Purchase Details

1. Sadguru Echoes - Magazine Subscription India
Sadguru Echoes base subscription Rs.420
Additional shipping & handling Post India Rs.20
₹ 420.00
2. Sadguru Echoes - Magazine Subscription Abroad
Sadguru Echoes base subscription Rs.420
Post Abroad Rs.1680
₹ 420.00
3. Sadguru Echoes - Magazine Subscription Mumbai only (Courier)
Sadguru Echoes base subscription Rs.420
Courier Mumbai Rs.240
₹ 420.00
4. Sadguru Echoes - Magazine Subscription e-Magazine for Sadguru Enlightens App
₹ 336.00
₹ 420.00