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Apno Ambalal

Pujyashri Ambalalbhai was an ideal devotee of Param Krupalu Dev. He lived in accordance with his Master’s will and experienced an inner revolution. Devoting his life to the selfless service of his Master, Pujyashri Ambalalbhai was a graceful blend of numerous virtues like extraordinary competence, obedience, humility, detachment. Spreading across a span of 11 years, his association with Param Krupalu Dev culminated into Pujyashri Ambalalbhai attaining Self-realisation. During these years Param Krupalu Dev wrote several letters to Pujyashri Ambalalbhai.


Commemorating the 150th birth anniversary year of Pujyashri Ambalalbhai, Pujya Gurudevshri, has designed a yearlong study of these letters. Each letter will be read and ruminated upon through personal introspection and contemplation for spiritual growth. Facilitating this process of inner work is the book, aptly titled, ‘Apno Ambalal’ which has designated space allotted for writing the reflections on each letter. ‘Apno Ambalal’ is an important tool to manifest the glorious virtues as Pujyashri Ambalalbhai.


With this divine gift embark upon a wonderful journey of self-discovery through inspired experimentation and become ‘Apno Ambalal’ for our Sadguru.

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Apno Ambalal
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