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Updeshchhaya – 13

Bhagwan Mahavirswami, even in the state of a householder, lived like a renunciate. His dispassion was such that it could not be matched even by someone practising restraint for thousands of years! Wherever the Bhagwan gives sermons, all benevolences manifest themselves. His language, a manifestation of His karmas, is full of peace and tranquillity and directed towards attaining Divinity; meaning, His language is for the sole purpose of attaining liberation. Right from His birth, He possessed three types of knowledge, namely, matijnan, shrutjnan and avadhijnan. Singing the praises of His virtues results in the elimination of infinite karmas. An Enlightened Being is beyond the intellect. His opinion is undecipherable. The real ingenuity of an Enlightened Being lies in the fact that He has been able to stamp out affinity, aversion and ignorance, which have been present from time immemorial. This represents the infinite Grace of the Bhagwan. Even though 2500 years have passed, His compassion and other virtues reign even today. This represents His infinite benevolence.


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