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You are my God

O Lord!

You are my God, You are my Guru, You are my mother and father, You are my everything. Sitting in front of You, in the presence of Your grandeur, all my agitations quiten, the ‘I’ gets burnt to ashes.

When I saw You from far, I was just a student, interested in gaining more knowledge. But, with Your grace, I came closer to You and I got a glimpse of Your vastness. From then on, this desirer of mere information became the seeker of transformation. This hard-hearted unyielding stone became ready for the sculpting. O Supreme Lord! Make me free from insistence. Dissolve my attachments. Break my ego.

Blessed are those to whom God comes on His own. O my Caring Sculptor! With boundless gratitude, I bow down at Your Lotus Feet for taking me in Your loving hands and working upon me. Having met You, I have found on this earth itself the bliss of salvation.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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