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I Put My Mind

O Master!

I put my mind at Your Lotus Feet.

Do whatever You wish to do

with it. It has always been busy

thinking about worldly things.

It has deluded me enough with

its problems and solutions, and

smothered me with its contrary

ideas, thoughts and doubts. But

I have realised its worthlessness.

Exhausted with incessant thinking,

when I asked You, ‘How do

I become free from these

thoughts and abide in the Self

like You?’ O my Compassionate

Master! You made me understand

that, ‘You have deluded yourself,

now you must enlighten yourself.

I can only show you the path.’

Therefore, giving up the ego of

knowledge, I have come to You

to get Your vision so that I can

enlighten myself the way You did.

Attuning to Your silence, I have

come to transcend the unending

trail of thoughts. With the touch

of Your divine presence, I have

come to enfold the Supreme.

To attain this blessedness, I am

eager to offer my egoic self into the

fire of yearning for the Self. O my

Adorable Lord! May my devotion

towards You help me to turn within

and realise my true Self.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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