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I have come to You

O Lord!

I have come to You with a small capital of love, please turn it into wealth of pure devotion.

Remove all expectations and conditions from my love. O my Beloved Lord! May this world appear drab, and may You alone be captivating.

My heart was ruled by ego and passions. Then came the storm of Your love and it disrupted everything. The ego was sent to the gallows of surrender and the passions were thrown into the fire of deep yearning for You. All this could happen not as a result of my doing, but by Your grace alone.

O Gracious Lord! I do not want to return to the shores of passions. With the strength of undivided love and unswerving faith in You, I wish to reach the shores of supreme devotion.

With You by my side, may I soon complete this journey from the known to the unknown, from attachment to absolute dispassion.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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