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I am seeking my root

O Lord!

I am seeking my root, my original nature. Lost in the seen, and the world associated with me, I was dragged away by my desires for sense-objects. Aimlessly I wandered in the world for joy, peace and security. Now I am in the quest for,‘who am I?’

My thirst to know my true nature is the starting, the only hope for my spiritual welfare. And this thirst cannot be quenched without You. Please fill me with Your divine grace. Please fill up the void between the yearning and the attainment, the waiting and the union with Your grace.

O Lord! I have realised that I neither know anything nor I can understand anything. I surrender to You everything, my knowledge as well as my ignorance. I have come to You like a blank paper. Write whatever You wish to write on it.

May Your will be my will. May I follow Your instructions, always. May I remain vigilant regarding realising my true Self. May I practice mediation with immense patience. May I immerse myself completely into my core within. May Your experience become my experience.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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