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7 Positive Thoughts on Life

If you want a comfortable journey of life, then reduce the luggage of expectations.

Your life has an expiry date. Learn from the Guru, the art of living it to the fullest.

Your life may not be going the way you planned it, but it is going exactly the way God has planned it.

Life is like a chocolate box, Every situation in life is like a chocolate. Some are crunchy, some are nutty or soft, but all are delicious.

To be happy don’t try changing the content of life, simply change the context.

Every morning is destiny’s way of telling you that your purpose in life is yet to be fulfilled.

Life is like coffee. You can make it bitter or sweet.


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#SadguruWhispers A spiritual life is like a river that passes through fields of the world with compassion & finally merges into the ocean of divine eternity.