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7 Lessons from a Living Master

Enlightened Ones are great not as they face no adversities in life. Their greatness lies in how they remain calm & loving, come what may.

Sadguru, like a snooze, wakes you up again & again; and keeps you awake.

The Guru stabilises you in the present not by foretelling the future, but by teaching the laws of karma & the benefits of dharma.

A living Master is one who is, at every moment, experiencing His peaceful Soul, and not the turbulences of the mind.

Don’t just copy your Sadguru, Follow His teachings. Allow His Grace to flow into you.

The Enlightened One is a living example of Moksh. Get inspired by His life to attain His pure state.

Faith in the pure state of the Enlightened One will strengthen the faith in His teachings and His ajna.


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#SadguruWhispers Every moment spent with an Enlightened Master, every memory of Him is auspicious and blissful.