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Smile from Within

A deep inner smile arises from within, surfaces on the face and then spreads like a relaxing aroma making you receptive to transform negative energy into positive. Discover how your smile can be your source of joy.

Step 1: Breathe from the Mouth

Relax your lower jaw and allow your mouth to open just a little. Begin breathing from the mouth, but not deeply. Keep your natural rhythm. Allow your body to breathe so it becomes more and more subtle. And as you feel your breath very subtle, and the jaw is relaxed and mouth open – your whole body will feel at ease, collected and in peace.

Step 2: Feel a Smile Within

In that moment, start feeling a smile. It is not a smile that appears on the lips and stays there; it is an existential smile that spreads inside of you. Spreads all over your being, as if you are smiling from the tummy. It cannot be described, try and you will know it. Remember it is a smile, not a laugh. So it is very tender, delicate, and soft – like a small rosebud opening in your stomach and the fragrance pervading your whole body.

Step 3: Repeat as You Want

Once you have known this smile, you can remain content all day long. Whenever you feel that this happiness is absent or has gone astray, gently close your eyes and take hold of the inner smile again. It will be close by. During the 24 hours, as many times as you want you can take hold of it. The inner smile is always there.


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