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Living by Will of the Guru

The blessed occasion of Gurupurnima gives devotees a chance to express their deepest gratefulness towards their beloved Sadguru. Connect with Him deeply through this pious meditation

By sowing the seeds of spirituality in aspirants and nurturing them with His unconditional love, the Sadguru brings them to fruition with unabating compassion. Through His benevolent presence, refuge and wisdom, He illuminates the lives of seekers showing them the way even through the darkest nights.

Take steps closer towards your Sadguru through a meditation to live by His Will.

Step 1

Sit comfortably, relax and begin to observe your breath. As you inhale, feel the air filling your lungs and body with love and positivity. Exhale deeply and visualise all negativities withering away.

Step 2

Visualise the face of your Sadguru in the centre of your heart and imagine His light glowing in your heart filling it with devotion.

Step 3

Silently affirm the following resolutions in your heart.

Silently affirm, ‘I live for the Will of my Sadguru, I live by the Will of my Sadguru’. Visualise yourself following every command of your Sadguru with utmost sincerity.

Silently affirm, ‘The light of my Sadguru shines upon my path.’ Visualise yourself absorbing His wisdom and walking the path with Him by your side.

Silently affirm, ‘I am a product of my Sadguru’s grace and I live to serve Him.’ Visualise yourself selflessly serving your Sadguru.

Silently affirm, ‘With my Sadguru’s Grace I am now free from delusion.’ Visualise yourself offering the gift of Inner Awakening at your Sadguru’s Lotus Feet.

Step 4

Stay in this state for sometime. With your being full of gratitude, gently open your eyes.


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