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Celebrations and Botherations

Have you ever wondered how some people are always able to remain happy, no matter what happens? Try this experiment and see how you too will be able to maintain an elevated state simply by understanding yourself better

As each day comes to a close, sit quietly with yourself for a few moments reflecting upon all the events of your day. Notice your feelings and how you responded to each situation. Open your notebook and create two lists:

  1. All the events of the day that you can celebrate.
  2. All the events of the day that bothered you.

As you begin to create these daily lists, you may feel that there is much that bothers you and very little to celebrate.

Ponder deeply. Focus on the simple activities of the day: a morning walk, breakfast together with your family, your daily prayers or even when you remained calm as you sat, stuck in a traffic jam. Aren’t these events worthy of celebration? With practise you will find that there is so much to celebrate in each day.

On the other hand, the process of learning what bothers you will help you to identify the triggers of your unhappiness and deal with them. You will surprisingly discover that the real bother is only in your mind and that a simple change of attitude will solve everything!

Once you are aware of how the events affected you, you can save, delete or forward any memories or emotions you choose. In your mind, you can choose to ‘save’ joy, ‘delete’ sorrow and ‘forward’ celebrations. This process will help you to create a positive mental attitude.

Practise this exercise every day and know that this technique will help to increase awareness and appreciation of the events in your life.


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