Quotes on Guru


Your mother gives you eyes to see the world. The Guru, the divine mother, gives you vision to see beyond.

When the Guru appears the cutest, everything else in the world becomes insignificant.

When you feel a sudden elevation & a gush of happiness within, know you have passed some test of your Guru with flying colours.

The Guru doesn't fill you with information but makes you vomit your ego of knowing.

The Guru accepts the weakest person as a disciple, and a worthy disciple does not remain weak after finding such a Guru.

Colours of the world will get washed away, but the colours of Gurubhakti grow day by day.

Seek no additional information. Instead, internalise the knowledge you have received from your Guru.

Those who become zero at the Guru's lotus feet attain the absolute.

Guru is a paradox. He is with us, yet very far. He seems like us, yet is not like us.

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