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Have a ‘Fruit’ful Summer

Fruits serve as nature’s wonderful medicines with vitamins, minerals and anti- oxidants all rolled into one. Let us see how they help the body stay fit and healthy

Being well-nourished is the key that opens doors to a healthy life. Our body needs vitamins and minerals from different sources to replenish the energy reservoir that is depleted during the course of the day. Incorporating fruits in our diet is a simple way of providing these nutrients to the body.

Health Benefits

Fruits have numerous health benefits mainly because they are consumed in their most natural form. In addition to their nutritious content, fruits are excellent for the body as they are rich in water content. Especially during summer, they are particularly helpful as they keep the body hydrated.

Research shows that including fruits in our daily diet has the following health benefits:

  • Fruits are rich in dietary fibres which help in the smooth functioning of our digestive system, thus reducing the amount of toxins in the body.
  • Owing to their nutritional abundance, fruits boost immunity and prevent fatigue.
  • Studies have shown that regular consumption of fruits reduces the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers, including mouth, stomach and colon or bowel cancer.
  • Fruits are sources of many essential nutrients that are often under consumed like potassium, vitamin C and folate (folic acid). Diets rich in potassium help to maintain healthy blood pressure. Vitamin C is important for growth and repair of all body tissues, healing wounds and keeping teeth and gums healthy. Folate (folic acid) helps the body form red blood cells.

Summer Fruits

As temperatures outside soar, certain fruits help in keeping the body cool and hydrated, rejuvenating the body and mind.

Since dehydration is a huge problem during summers, you can consume watermelons or musk melons to keep your cells hydrated. It’s a fantastic alternative to water. Another benefit of melons is that they are natural laxatives. So if you are suffering from constipation or indigestion because of overeating, let melons feature prominently in your summer diet.

They boost immunity and prevent fatigue and dehydration. High in both nutrition and water content, oranges make a good summer delight in salads as well. Like melons, oranges boost digestion because of their high fibre content.

Apples and Pears
They help in controlling high blood pressure, curing headaches and constipation. If you are looking for a filling fruit that is low in calories, apples should top your list.

It is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals, aids in digestion and improves kidney functioning.

They reduce problems related to kidney and liver, strengthen the functioning of heart and cure migraine.

Although high in calories, pineapple is a cooling, water- rich fruit that is bursting with nutrition.

Fresh fruits can be consumed on their own as a snack or as additives to salads, breakfast cereals, curds, cream etc. Include these fruits in your diet and reap the rich benefits they offer.

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