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Patrank – 799

Mumbai, Shravan Vad 12, 1953


Until the attainment of abidance in the all-supreme stage, even the Self-realised Ones can remain steadfast in one’s state by taking the support of scriptural knowledge, thus is the view of Jina which is clearly seen to be true.

Until the supreme stage, whenever the support of the scriptural knowledge (the teachings of the Enlightened One) becomes weak, at those times, even the Self-realised Ones experience a little fluctuation, then, the ordinary aspirants, those who have support of contrary company, contrary books, etc. they are prone to experience again and again more and more fluctuations.

In spite of this, the aspirants who firmly dwell in the support of the company of the Enlightened One, good conduct, and contemplation of scriptures, for them, it is not difficult to reach the supreme stage; even though difficult, it is not difficult.

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