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Wondrous is your Consciousness

O Lord!

Wondrous is Your consciousness and divine ecstasy. Blessed is Your awareness of the Self and absorption therein. Thinking about them, my head bows down in veneration at Your Lotus Feet. O Lord! How I yearn to experience Your state.

O Incarnation of Purity! Your divine countenance, Your nectar-like teachings and Your holy association are a supreme refuge for aspirants. They will certainly remove my destitution and bestow upon me my eternal abode and everlasting sovereignty.

O Divine Teacher! The only unparalleled means to raise me from my present deluded state of likes and dislikes to Your glorious state of dispassion is to diligently follow Your instructions. I can already feel that it is constantly making me purer day by day.

O my Benevolent Master! I humbly pray that, with Your grace, I can give up all my worldly attachments and enter the supreme path of devotion. Dissolving in You I shall soon come to abide in the Self.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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